EXCLUSIVE: Marissa Fiore’s New Man Thomas Gelardo Is A Woman Beater; Plus Admits To Using OZ For Fame!


Every dog has its day, and apparently so does every low budget model. Marissa Fiore who you might remember as the girl on Mob Wives with the same stage name as several porn stars, ‘Marissa Jade,’ was exposed for the fraud that she is when she decided to diss her ex “OZ” on Instagram – but it ended up backfiring when she basically admitted to using him to get on TV.

Marissa posted the following comment on her Instagram page when asked about OZ


Now we all know Marissa has the intelligence of a paper cup, but does she not remember WHOSE “Mob Ties” got her on the show? Since she can’t keep her lies straight, we’ve provided a link to help refresh her memory below (You’re Welcome Marissa)

Now to her new man, Thomas Gelardo, who is known in New York as a woman beater with a God awful spray tan, oh and more importantly calls himself “Tommy Juice,” no really. *sigh*

Anyways, Thomas dated Trista Geyer, who like Marissa also lies on her back for money (he has a type) and basically he beat her, called her 70 times in less than two weeks – defying court orders, and even asking Trista to recant her story. He was also charged with breaking into her apartment.

Umm…am I the only sane person wondering what kind of mother would bring some abusive sloth around her child especially after JUST breaking up with OZ? But I guess when you have no money, you’ll give it up to any sucker willing to pay your bills.


Charges were dismissed on speedy trial grounds after Trista wasn’t able to testify.


But the drama isn’t over for Tommy Girl and Fraud Fiore, cause OZ ain’t done with those rats.

Here’s what went down

Marissa cheated on OZ right after the show was over for 4-5 months. OZ found out and got ahold of Tommy’s friends and let them know he was coming for him. Tommy lost his juice and got scared to fight OZ. OZ is still looking for Tommy and has even tried calling him, but Tommy refuses to meet up with him.

Tommy is basically a little bitch who got PUNKED by OZ.


(This is the infamous OZ, whose photo was found on Facebook)

Editor’s Thoughts:

We aren’t surprised that Marissa used a man to get on TV, too bad the show is canceled now and she’s right back to where she started – struggling. OZ better be careful, because we heard Ratrissa is a cop caller and so is her man which means they are the PERFECT COUPLE.


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8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Marissa Fiore’s New Man Thomas Gelardo Is A Woman Beater; Plus Admits To Using OZ For Fame!”

  1. First of all this is oz new girlfriend soon to be engaged.. We both don’t care about those two clowns lol I was once with Tommy fake juice who not even on my baby level … And that gold digging bitch Marissa not even on my level either go from men to men to feed her kid sad but truth..

  2. Her whole story line was a fake! She knew noone before the show. No mob ties what so ever. She spread her legs since she was a teenager. Every dog gets there day! And anyone associated with her will get theirs too!

  3. And this is Angelinaaaa baby!! OZs new girlfriend; yeah that’s MY girlfriend!!!! Yea my baby got the fattest most beautiful booty on planet muthafkn earth!!!!! Marisa has NO booty whatsoever and ain’t even on my girlfriends WESLYN level!!!!! Tommy the WOMANIZER can beat her ass as she lays on her back for $$$$$ that gold diggin bird!!! My girlfriend don’t lay on her back for NO ONEEEEE only her baby Oz who’s muchhhhhh happier with a MY girl who’s body surpasses marissas flat ass whack ass assssss!!!! FCK yo Tetas too baby girl cuz ur tetas don’t even compare to his Oz new boo, MY girlfriend, WESLYN!!!!!!!! Wait till you guys see her!!!!!! She will blow that little gold diggin hoe out the boxxxxx!!!!! WESLYN YOU da fkn sh!t babygirl!!!!!! She ain’t got sh!t on you mamma!!! Okay I’m done! Bye b!tches byeeeee!!!!! Now go home to ur womanizing Pathetic juice head HERB of a man!!!! lol he can’t even be called a man cuz a REAL man RESPECTS HIS WOMAN LIKE OZ respects MY beautiful girlfriend WESLYN!!!! U the shit mamma!!!!! Show em how a real woman does boo!!!

  4. Damn that OZ is fine , always heard the girls talk about him on the show but couldn’t find his pic anywhere , he did not disappoint and what is Marissa thinking going from him to her new man , I’m sorry but her and OZ make a much hotter couple , I know he was in jail and all but that body, those abs it looks like he belongs on a billboard ,

  5. Loved Marissa on MobWives and finally got to see what OZ looks like , omg he is a hottie and they made a smoking couple, too bad things didn’t work out but she should def get rid of this Tommy Juice guy because she could do,so much better , not one to believe everything I read but he isn’t even cute at all and def a downgrade from OZ and that name Tommy Juice really ugh!!!!!

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