EXCLUSIVE: DUMPED! Karen Gravano’s Boyfriend Storm Skips Out On Press & Appearances!


Looks like Karen Gravano is back on the market, so if you know any blind men about to die, let them know she’s available. But who’s not so available? STORM!

In case you don’t know, Karen and her rent-a-boyfriend so she can collect a check, also known as Storm, is appearing on this season’s Marriage Boot Camp alongside Karen.

If you haven’t been watching, let us fill you in. Storm basically would rather get a Staph infection then pretend to love Karen for the cameras. And off camera?

Here’s what we found out!

Now there is no official proof if Karen and Storm are done for good, but we do know that he skipped out on ALL press and appearances with her.

Remember the MBC Premiere Party? Yep, Storm was a no-show for that too, but it’s okay because Karen had two thirsty unemployed “friends” on standby….

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2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: DUMPED! Karen Gravano’s Boyfriend Storm Skips Out On Press & Appearances!”

  1. The way he acts on the show he don’t care for her or her feelings.then threaten her about talking about or to him a certain way this with flying objects is not good. Especially since she has a daughter. What has she seen at home?. Karen can find a better man then this guy. Who don’t care one bit about her feelings and after 4years can not say I love you to her.

  2. Storm does not care about her feeling or can say I love you to her sh e threatens her on camera what does he do off camera. Toxic
    And what has the daughter seen at home go on between them.

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