EXCLUSIVE: Drita Davanzo Is LEAVING Mob Wives! Calls Jenn Graziano Unprofessional!


Sad news. Drita Davanzo is LEAVING Mob Wives! The Reality Star is apparently fed up with the show and the show’s producer Jenn Graziano!

Drita took to her Twitter account to announce she will no longer be on the hit show and says you will however see her on TV still. See what she had to say below


Our Mob Wives sources EXCLUSIVELY tell Reality Ashhole that now that Drita wants to leave the show some of the cast members have been calling her nonstop begging her to stay!

Our sources also reveal that Drita is the producers’ favorite and the cast knows the show will be canceled if Drita leaves. Jenn is especially pissed but knows she can’t do anything about it since she is no longer Drita’s manager.

Mob Wives has been garbage this seasons. Jenn and the show should all be canceled. Jenn has gotten away with setting these girls up to get physically hurt and she should be fired. What do you guys think about Drita leaving the show?

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Drita Davanzo Is LEAVING Mob Wives! Calls Jenn Graziano Unprofessional!”

  1. I think Drita is making a wise choice. Mob Wives has gotten very brutal and not worth the headache to watch. All a long i was saying Jenn Graziano put these girls in harm. Even putting her sisters fragile mind at harm. Who wants to see a show of just fighting? I wanted to see substance. Mob Wives does not have that!

  2. It’s just as well. I only watched for her, and I hope she gets her own gig somewhere else. She has star power. I didn’t plan on watching after this season anyhow.

  3. I definatly see where she is coming from and all of the s*** that gets talked on twitter. They know she brings in the bigger audience so they try and force her into drama that has nothing to do with her. She has outgrown this show. I would def like to see her with her own show. The petty high school drama is stupid. She has said in the past that the producers run to certain girls and talk smack then run to the other and do the same to cause drama and fan the flames with lies.

  4. If she has any respect for herself she will quit! This show has become a bully fest with whoever Renee is angry at she wants everyone to fight them. It’s become Angry Wives and over it

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