EXCLUSIVE: Drita Davanzo Is Free! Find Out Why Her Accuser Didn’t Cooperate!


GET UP KAREN! Drita Davanzo is officially a free woman! It was reported last week that all charges against her by Scary Mary have been dropped but it’s not because of “omerta” like all these BS publications are writing, so let us break it down for you.

For those who don’t know, this wasn’t Drita’s first time in court for this incident. She and Mary actually had a previous court date which Drita showed up to and Mary did not. So the judge rescheduled and of course Mary didn’t show up and wanted to make believe like it didn’t happen. Why?

Our sources EXCLUSIVELY tell us,

“Drita’s team had a lot of evidence that Mary set Drita up for a payout. While many people think Drita showed up to some ‘poor woman’s’ home, she actually showed up to her own property. Drita owns the place right next door, and the parking spot? Well, Lee has been parking there for OVER TWO YEARS and Mary all of sudden during the show decided to make it a problem.”>

“While there was footage, you can clearly see Drita was hit first, TWICE before defending herself. Lastly, there are a long list of tweets that have been posted by Mary where she is harassing Drita on Twitter and trying to contact her costars to get dirt on her and “take her down” and making threats to. All in all, this was going to be an expensive loss on her end.”

Drita’s co-stars always claim she’s not about this “lifestyle” but she is definitely about THAT LIFE! LOL

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Drita Davanzo Is Free! Find Out Why Her Accuser Didn’t Cooperate!”

  1. Good for Drita Davanzo! That woman had it coming any way! #GetUpKaren! I LOVE THAT! It’s sad, because everything they’ve tried against Drita has failed! They should let it go, & leave that woman!

    1. I hope you realize there not talking about Karen. There talking about the fight over the parking spot where Drita got into a fight with.

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