Does Scheana Marie Plan On Having Kids?

scheana and mike

Now that Scheana Marie has tied the knot with Michael Shay it’s time to start making babies, right? The Vanderpump Rules star recently opened up to Gossip Girl about starting a family and her answers may surprise you. Read below to see what she had to say

Scheana says,

“I would possibly consider it in a year, depending on where my career is at that point in time, but realistically I think three years. I want to travel more and I’m not ready to give up my fireball shots and beer. I don’t want to be a pregnant waitress. So, I’m thinking we’ll wait a few years, but I don’t want to be like a Jennifer Aniston who keeps waiting and then you’re 42. I’m staying on my birth control until I’m ready.”

So basically Scheana is going to try and be Britney Spears a couple more years before she starts popping out kids LOL Thoughts on what she had to say?

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