Dina Manzo Takes A Break From Twitter…AFTER Calling Jacqueline Laurita CRAZY!


For four years Dina Manzo has sat back and watched as her family discussed their issues on the Real Housewives of NJ. Now that she is back on the show and has constantly been asked and poked about the drama she has with sister Caroline Manzo and sister in law Jacqueline Laurita, it looks like she is done holding back!After speaking out about her family about the reunion, Twitter turned into a Manzo frenzy with Jacqueline, Ashlee Holmes and Lexi Manzo airing all the family drama!

Having enough of her sister in laws constant chatter on social media, Dina fired back telling Jacqueline to forget her name and get psychiatric help!

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After lashing out, Dina decided to take a step back and take some time offline.


I feel like there is only so much anyone can take. I get it, they are on a reality show it happens. But a reality show is supposed to be fun and filled with light, petty girl drama not deep dark family drama. I agree with Dina on this one, Jacqueline needs to reel in the crazy a bit! Thoughts?

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