Did Kim Kardashian STEAL Someone Else’s Style?!

If there’s one thing everybody is talking about — it’s EVERYTHING Kim Kardashian wears! The latest thing that has people going crazy is Kim’s recent platinum blonde hair.

One person not to happy about Kim’s new look? Serbian Pop Star Jelena Karleusa! Jelena has been accusing Kim of trying to be her carbon copy and she’s taking to her Instagram to call Kim OUT!

Check out what Jelena posted on her IG below


Take a look at some of Jelena’s other photos


Now the time has come…Do YOU think Kim is trying to copy Jelena? Tell us what YOU think!

2 thoughts on “Did Kim Kardashian STEAL Someone Else’s Style?!”

  1. YESssss KarTrashian and her stylist should give props to the Euro Singer iTS DUE ! NO Original Thoughts…… it was all cut and paste How long did they think they could get away with that SMMFH

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