Dance Moms Star Paige Hyland Is SUING Abby Lee Miller!

dance moms

It was only a matter of time before someone sued Abby Lee Miller!

TMZ is reporting that Paige Hyland has filed a new lawsuit against her former dance teacher claiming that she was afraid she would be physically ATTACKED by Abby! Read below to get the scoop!

Paige’s lawsuit alleges that Abby was mean to the dancers and caused emotional distress. The Hylands say that Paige had to work 12-hour days and 60-hour weeks for the show, and she was afraid she would be physically attacked because she had watched Abby get physical with others on the show.

The lawsuit also says that sometimes Abby pinched the girls until they bled, insulted their looks, and tore into them for being emotionally weak.

I believe Paige has a really good chance of winning this lawsuit, considering Abby is breaking her OWN contract which states she will provide a “POSITIVE, LOVING, NURTURING,” environment for her dance students. Thoughts?

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