Dance Moms Star Christi Lukasiak Doesn’t Miss The Show One Bit!

christi and chloe

Christi Lukasiak is revealing something that might be shocking — she doesn’t miss being on the hit show Dance Moms!

Unlike other moms who are literally starting fights just to be on the show, Christi shares that she does not miss it one bit, and who can blame her?! See what she had to say below


I absolutely miss seeing Christi and Chloe on the show, but I’m happy I don’t have to see poor Chloe cry anymore. Have you stopped watching the show since The Lukasiaks have left?

One thought on “Dance Moms Star Christi Lukasiak Doesn’t Miss The Show One Bit!”

  1. Dance Moms was as popular as it was because of the contributions of Christi & Kelly, and Paige, Brooke & Chloe. The two brightest and most colorful dance moms are gone as well as the three most entertaining dancers.

    I admit to still watching the show but its because I’m a BAD PERSON! I want to see Abby Lee Miller have a psychotic break in front of the viewers, and never to be seen again, after being taken away in a strait jacket by the EMS!

    It would be comforting for once to observe good triumphing over evil and to enjoy Karma’s revenge, or, “Payback’s a Bitch”!

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