DANCE MOMS EXCLUSIVE: Are All The Girls Turning Into Pop Stars?!


Abby Lee Miller is going to be the richest dance teacher at the rate she’s going! Abby has learned there are other ways she can make some serious money and the answer is her own team!

Our Dance Moms source, Dance Mom Reactions gave the EXCLUSIVE scoop on what we can expect from the girls in the very near future! Check it OUT!

DMR revealed,

“Mackenzie has another album that is being released in the summer. Abby said she wants all the girls to have songs so that she can have better music to choreograph and perform to. Kendall has recorded a song called ‘Wear ‘Em Out’ and filmed the music video in LA. Nia also has a song which you can find on iTunes and Spotify called ‘Star In Your Own Life.'”

DMR continued,

“Abby has confirmed that Maddie has also recorded a song and it won’t be released for another while as she is still working alongside Sia. Newcomer JoJo also will be releasing a single in April.”

And what have the girls been up to besides traveling back and forth from Pittsburgh to Australia?

DMR shares,

“The girls attended Sheer Talent this weekend with the other ALDC students but it will not be filmed for the show.”

It looks like Kalani is the only one without a song. She better get movin! LOL What do you think of all the girls releasing music?

One thought on “DANCE MOMS EXCLUSIVE: Are All The Girls Turning Into Pop Stars?!”

  1. The only member of the ALDC that can truly sing is Nia. The rest of the girls have average to below average voices. However, they are pretty popular so the songs may sell. And, the only way Maddie could get a song that’s more popular than Nia’s is to work with a phenomenal singer as Sia. Sia will make the song a sensation, not Maddie. Her voice is nonexistent. Singing pure talent is Nia Sioux. She can really sing!

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