CRAZY In Love?! Melissa Gorga Shares Her WORST Break-Up Story!

melissa gorga

Horrible break-up? Yep. I think every girl has a crazy story about their ex! New York Magazine recently asked celebrities to share their worst break-up story and Melissa Gorga was one of them who dished the dirt!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star admits to hanging onto the car window to prevent her ex from leaving! Check it OUT!

“I might have hung onto a car window and been like ‘don’t leave!’ as they were driving away. And the car actually starts to move and you’re still hanging onto the window, and you realize that person is such an idiot and is not good for you. But I kissed frogs before I got married, that’s for sure.”

LOL Thoughts on Melissa’s break-up story? Do you think you can top it?

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