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  1. Ok, I have tried to “join” two to three times on this link. Seems I can’t get it done.
    The reason for wanting to contact Bravo is the about the Housewives of New Jersey.
    Love that show, hate that Joe and Teresa are having to go to prison. I feel so sorry for their girls. BUT, maybe being away from the parents and with someone that will not let them use cuss words, might be good.
    Now…FOR THE REAL REASON. All the new ladies, couples that were added this year has absolutely ruined this show. They are dumb…stupid. They bring nothing to the show and I really hope when you start shooting the new series, that you find some really good ladies/families for Housewives of New Jersey. Some that could bring something to the show. The old regulars are still wonderful, but these new ladies/men have nothing to offer…absolutely nothing. I t ape this show and just fast forward everytime they are on.
    Can you please replace them. I really don’t know if I will even tape and watch this show if they return.
    Lou Green

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