CONGRATS! Mike Shouhed Marries Girlfriend Jessica Parido!


Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido are showing just how worried they are by GG’s cheating allegations — they got married anyways!

The happy couple partied the night away at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles and all the Shahs were in attendance except of course GG! Check out some photos we managed to find below (The couple has not yet updated their social media pages)




Jessica looks stunning. Congrats to the newlyweds!

I’m surprised to see Reza so happy to be there considering he’s been talking so much smack about Mike and his fake engagement ring. What do you guys think about him being there?

2 thoughts on “CONGRATS! Mike Shouhed Marries Girlfriend Jessica Parido!”

  1. Reza is a poser just like the rest of them, did any1 see the apartment mike & jessica lves in, oh please it looked like it was rent subsidized, not anythg wrong wht that list of wonderful ppl luve in section 8 but they are not rich just fake!

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