Chloe Lukasiak SHINES At Recent Dance Competition And New Music Video!


Chloe Lukasiak is surely proving that she doesn’t need the power of Dance Moms to continue getting amazing opportunities!

The former reality dance star has been keeping busy with her new dance studio (Studio 19) as well as performing for several artists in their music videos and much, much more!

Keeping reading for all the details!

Our source Dance Mom Reactions revealed,

“Chloe has recently filmed a new music video for Americas Got Talent Winner Bianca Ryan & it will be released soon! Her music video “Fool Me Once” by Jess Godwin was released a few weeks ago and it is based on a song that was used for both Maddie & Kendalls solos on the show.”

DMR continues,

“It’s rumored that she (Chloe) has filmed for Nickelodeon TV program Liv & Maddie but nothing has been confirmed. She was tweeted by a cast member with the hashtag #LivAndMaddie and she also followed the entire cast. Chloe was also spotted with an acting coach on the same day.”

“Another rumor is that she will be on another kids show called Bella & the Bulldogs. There is no proof of this really however she did record a YouTube video of them which is on her YouTube channel.”

Also, DMR shared awesome photos of Chloe with her new teammates

dance moms

We at Reality Ashhole LOVE Chloe so we are so excited to hear all this good news! Best of luck Chloe!

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