Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Kris Jenner For Being A Mean Bitch


Caitlyn Jenner has already proved she is the Queen of the Cardashian Clan by dropping the K in Caitlyn and debuting herself less than 24 hours after Kim announced baby #2, but now she is opening up and not holding back!

As she tells Vanity Fair, “Caitlyn doesn’t have any lies” and she certainly doesn’t!

She opened up to Vanity Fair about Bruce’s life with Kris saying Kris needed him for the first 15 years of their marriage until she hit it big with the reality show.

The first 15 years I felt she needed me more because I was the breadwinner. Then really around the show, when that hit and she was running the whole show and getting credit for it and she had her own money, she didn’t need me as much from that standpoint… I think in a lot of ways she became less tolerant of me. A lot of times she wasn’t very nice. People would see how I got mistreated. She controlled the money, all that kind of stuff.

Caitlyn went on to explain  that Kris was aware of Bruce’s cross-dressing ways and the hormones he was taking when they met, so Kris’ reaction for the E! Special was surprising, but Caitlyn takes the blame,

Probably a mistake I made was maybe not having her understand.

After hearing the comments, Kris was quick to give a statement saying she wasn’t really controlling…Bruce was just miserable!

He was married to me and he wasn’t who he wanted to be so he was miserable. All I was doing was working very hard for my family so that we could all have a wonderful future, and he was pissed off. At the end of my relationship with Bruce he definitely had a lot of social anxiety. That was one of the reasons we were in a struggle at the end.

Caitlyn clarified that the marriage to Kris ended not only because of gender identity, but mostly because of how Kris treated Bruce.

Twenty percent was gender and 80 percent was the way I was treated.

The Vanity Fair article shares a lot of Bruce’s journey to Caitlyn and interviews his 4 older children – who will not be part of his E! documentary.  What are your thoughts on Caitlyn?

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