BUSTED! Natalie Guercio Shows PROOF That Karen Gravano Attacked Her Parenting FIRST!


Uh-oh! It looks like Karen Gravano just got caught lying! In her feud with castmate Natalie Guercio, Karen has been trying to play a victim in the drama by making it seem like Natalie is just relentlessly attacking her —

I mean we all know Karen is just the innocent wallflower! HA! Well, Natalie is tired of the fake sympathy act and has called Karen out for her lying AND has even brought the proof! Check out what the Mob Wives star posted on Twitter



I don’t know why Karen can’t just be honest and say she started the drama first. She’s been bitter since she was fired and replaced. I think she expected the new girls to be scared of her and not fight back with her on Twitter. What do you guys think?

9 thoughts on “BUSTED! Natalie Guercio Shows PROOF That Karen Gravano Attacked Her Parenting FIRST!”

  1. I Can’t STAND Natalie. She’s phony! She has no idea what a Real woman is! Her guy London has it right. She looks like an idiot, & acts like a wannabe middle school tough girl…. PATHETIC!!!!

  2. I’m so happy the truth is coming to light….thought it was odd Karen wouldn’t admit to her role and act like a grown woman. Karen n Renee are jealous angry old birds.

  3. I hope I can comment without Disqus.
    Anyway, I don’t understand why nobody likes Natalie? Look, she’s young and young people are always dramatic, impulsive and very quick to defend themselves. This young woman isn’t defending herself from women her age. She’s defending herself against four, FOUR 40 and 50 year old women. These women are fifty years old and they look every bit of it. They are very immature, irate and frankly, they watched too many mob movies because no woman married or connected with mob family members Speak Like This Garbage.
    I’m 45 and if Natalie was my daughter, I would be very proud of her. At my age looking at Natalie, I’m looking at my daughter. How can these fifty year old women not feel ASHAMED and Embarrassed for verbally and physically attacking a young woman, young enough to be their own daughter? This show an embarrassing disgrace to all Italians and especially to women. Natalie is a young, independent woman raising a young child on her own. I watch her run her family’s business and I see a professional. She’s very professional and dresses like a professional while working. When she’s not working, she let’s her hair down, puts on the party dress and has fun with her fiance like a young woman should do.
    I am very impressed with Natalie and again, I am looking at Natalie as if she were my own daughter.
    As for the four My Wives, I am embarrassed to admit they are from my generation of women. Those four so called women are children growing old. In other words, old women with the brain of a stupid 15 year old bully. All four of them are stuck in the eighties, living in the past, a life they never lived to begin with. They don’t know crap about what their fathers, brothers, nephews, etc. were doing. These men didn’t go home and tell these women crap. These women are pretending to be mobsters, gangsters, and frankly, they sound so ridiculous and foolish. People aren’t watching this show for the storyline. They watch this show laughing at these fifty year old CHILDREN growing old. They are laughed at.
    I know Natalie is not a child but to me, at my age, she looks like a kid. At my age, these women look old. I see four old women fighting with a kid! Karen and Renee should be mentally committed for physically attacking a child.
    Natalie is a better woman than all four of those old ladies put together.

  4. Karen’s post did not start it! Starting it would of been Karen saying “You’re a bad parent people like you are the reason for suicide and your kid is going to have issues cause of you” blah blah blah! That’s not what Karen said at all. She said it in a general way that Ratalie is a bully and should be a better role model for the younger generations not a bully like she is because thousands of kids take their life because of bullies. She didn’t start a damn thing that punk bitch Ratalie did. End of story and this “proof” just proved nothing more except the fake that Ratalie did start it!

    1. Tit for tat..ljs. if Natalie started it her reply post would have stated, ‘You’re a bad parent because drug dealers like you are the reason young people get raped or killed and your kid is going to have issues because of your life style choices.’ Blah blah blah!!! That is not what Natalie said at all..she said it in a general way that Karen was a drug dealer and she could never ever be a role model. Then Karen made it personal. End of story!

  5. Natalie don’t let anyone get to you. A real friend will stand by your side and doesn’t allow discussions about you take place in their presence. Natalie d is such a ugly woman inside n it’s showing though the outside. I really enjoyed the show till she joined. All she eve did was think n speak of you. You should feel flattered , u. Important even to those that hate you. You left the premier with class. You hve nothing to prove to anyone n definitely fight with someone who is beneath you. I have to say Angie is a friend, and although they tried to get her against you, deep inside she couldn’t do it. As for drita , I have no words, I thought she had more class, but she gave in twice against you and you know what they say three strikes u r out,months let there be a third. Rene is Rene, she has a soft side to her , however, if she allowed a word such as delicious tear your friendship apart that says it all. Insecurity is a MF. The show is pathetic n u can do so much better then to argue with the older woman. Girllll, respect your elders! Lol oh wait there’s karen, she isn’t worth the gum under your shoe, she’s nasty n looks dirty. Still chasing the thug looking men. Rat they are all rats , talking about you and eachother. They need a reality check on what a rat means. Offended that I watched two seasons to end it with anxiety over bs. Drama queens , that should be the shows name. Natalie get out n move on to better things, you have youth, beauty and you are smart..your fans await you girl friend!!!

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