Brooks Ayers Says Meghan Edmonds Is Using Him For A Storyline!


It looks like Vicki Gunvalson’s man has taken up a new job – part time comedian!

Before this season of RHOC even aired, fans were already let in on the secret that a huge bombshell would be Brooks Ayers faking his cancer.

Well, we are now seeing the suspicions of it play out and Brooks reveals that Meghan is using this drama for her storyline on the show!

Yep! Brooks took to his Twitter to show a note from Meghan praying for his health, and then posted another tweet calling her out!


Okay first of all. That note does not specify exactly what Meghan is praying for. Hell. She could’ve been praying for their junior high relationship.

Secondly, Shannon when talking about Brooks denying seeing her doctor and the psychic first brought up Brooks’ health. NOT Meghan.

And third. ALL the girls are suspicious and if they had all kept quiet, the viewers would have called him out anyways.

Thoughts on what Brooks had to say? Do you think he has cancer?

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