Brooks Ayers Cancer Not Responding To Treatment


Vicki’s relationship with Brooks has been stressful since the start, but nothing in the past can compare to what the couple is currently going through.Brooks announced that he has been battling Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma since the fall of 2013.  When asked about his treatment he recently responded that there hasn’t been much change since starting his 6 month treatment stating,

When the test results came back, the numbers haven’t changed substantially.  They haven’t gotten worse, but they haven’t gotten better. That was kind of disheartening, to be honest with you.

Brooks did say that OC Housewife Shannon Beador has been giving both him and Vicki a ton of support!  Even going as far as suggesting taking a holistic approach to the treatment.

Shannon Beador’s been very much in our corner and putting us in contact with a lot of unbelievable world-renowned holistic physicians based here in Irvine (California).  We’re exploring that and with that would come no chemo. It would be addressing and taking what I’ve been doing with the holistic diet and an infrared sauna.

Hopefully Brooks will start seeing some positive results soon!

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