BREAKING: Another Dance Moms Star Is Leaving The Show!

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It’s a sad, sad, day for Dance Moms fans everywhere. Dance Moms fan favorites Chloe Lukasiak and her mom Christi are done with the ALDC. Last night while the Dance Moms Reunion was airing, Christi took to her Twitter to let us all know if Chloe was coming back to the ALDC! Check it OUT!


Abby is a monster and these poor kids and moms are fools if they think Abby is the only person who can make their kid famous.

Lifetime would be stupid to let Chloe go. I’m sure they will try and offer her, her own show like they did Asia Monet. What do you guys think?

One thought on “BREAKING: Another Dance Moms Star Is Leaving The Show!”

  1. Of all the competition team dancers, Chloe is the most likely to succeed at whatever she puts her mind to. If Chloe follows her interests and becomes a physician, she will have a profession for the rest of her life. Why dedicate oneself to a profession where there is little respect, sporadic income, and limited years as a performer when one can become a respected physician, with excellent income and no limit on the number of years one can practice?

    I suspect Chloe may find the Rockettes less enticing in a few years when she sees the entire picture of what that would require from her compared to what she would get in return. Dancing for the Rockettes may turn out to be too limited for a person like Chloe who has many interests and abilities to match. Chloe would do best to attend medical school and become a physician first, with dance secondary to graduation from medical school. A dancer has few to no options after age 30. After age 35 there is pressure to find work. A physician has unlimited options at any age and no pressure to find work.

    What makes Chloe special is that she has the options to be a dancer or be a doctor or be both. The other girls don’t have the same options. Where will they go once Dance Moms is finished? Especially those who are home schooled? For most, their professional dance careers will end when Dance Moms ends.

    [Physicians can marry and have children just as dancers can. If one who wants marriage and a family, there’s a better chance of finding a compatible partner among those attending medical school than among those who dance professionally].

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