Bravo Has A Surprise For Bethenny Frankel…..Jason Hoppy!


Bravo is constantly looking for ways to shake things up and surprise their Housewives, but could they have gone too far?Radar Online is reporting that Bravo has reached out to Bethenny’s ex husband Jason Hoppy about appearing on Real Housewives of New York…WITHOUT telling Bethenny!

If you recall, Bethenny and Jason recently had a very nasty, public custody battle over their daughter Brynn.  Bravo calling Jason to appear would definitely be a way to stir up some drama.

The source states,

Bravo thought having Bethenny and Jason work out their ongoing issues related to the divorce in front of the camera would be ratings gold.  The scenes Bethenny has filmed with the other ladies have been rather boring, and producers have been disappointed.  Bethenny wasn’t consulted about the proposal because she would have been livid.

Thankfully Jason had enough sense to turn down the offer,

Jason turned it down flatly because he wants nothing to do with the show ever again!  As for trying to resolve the major problems facing Bethenny and Jason, it just won’t happen.

I feel like that is a new low, even for Bravo standards.  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Bravo Has A Surprise For Bethenny Frankel…..Jason Hoppy!”

  1. Thoughts, betthsny and andy were in on it together. No one knows how to work a bravo storyline better than the queen herself. Face it, new york papers had her salary at 250k per episode in november….. thats serious money. Now you know why the moose is sooooooo anti bravo right now. Betthenny has a whole new skinny girl line coming out. She would stoop to any level to bring the ratings to that sinking ship and make rhony successful again. Her pay alone will create drama on set…but she has to remain sympathetic to viewers to get us to buy watered down booze and call it diet. Tricky.

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