Brandi Glanville Thinks Leann Rimes Should Take Her Place On RHOBH


When Brandi Glanville first appeared on the RHOBH, she was a fan favorite.  With her very public divorce still fresh in everyone’s minds she was the underdog everyone was rooting for.  However now, that feeling seems to have worn off and her at one time refreshing candid thoughts are now just blunt and rude.The shift has started to cause Brandi to question her spot on the show and how much longer she really has.

Speaking to InTouch, Brandi reveals

I’m not sure how much longer I have on that show.  Maybe it’s not for me anymore.

And who does she think should take her place?  Her ex-husbands mistress turned wife of course!

She could be good at it.  Maybe it’ll be her next thing

Brandi dropping Leann’s name is obviously for shock value and conversation, but I do think Leann would be a good fit!  What do you think?  Are Brandi’s days with Housewives numbered?

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