Brandi Glanville Thinks Kenya Moore Needs Love More Than Anyone She Has Ever Met!


Celebrity Apprentice may be over but the drama between Kenya and Brandi is far from done!Brandi visited Steve Harvey this week to discuss dating and the conversation turned to if she and Kenya have made up which she replied,

No. I think you need to set HER up because she needs to be loved more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.

Brandi also went on to defend her behavior on Housewives saying she hasn’t fought with anyone – everyone has had a problem with HER.

They fought with me! Really, I think they all sit around pretending to perfect and it’s an easy band wagon to jump on, so might as well go after me. I fight back.

I think Brandi just likes to call victim.  When she’s throwing the punches she defends it by saying she is “honest” and “unfiltered”, but when it’s someone insulting her suddenly it’s everyone against Brandi.

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