Brandi Glanville Says She Has Distanced Herself From Kyle Richards!


Right now on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle and Brandi seem to be in a good place!  In last week’s episode the two went hiking and Brandi confided in Kyle about her lack of relationship with Lisa Vanderpump.After Kyle stated on WWHL that she and Brandi are not that close right now, Brandi says it was SHE who distanced herself from Kyle and not the other way around.

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I am VERY excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds.  What about you?

One thought on “Brandi Glanville Says She Has Distanced Herself From Kyle Richards!”

  1. She opened her mouth a month or so ago when she did press in australia. She refused to answer if it was her that slapped Lisa so made a smart ass comment like well, if given my choice the housewife who needs a good slap is kyle. Kyle heard about it and went off on twitter…squawking ever since like nov 11?

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