Brandi Glanville Calls Kyle Richards An Empathy Lacking Narcissist!


This season on RHOBH, Brandi has been trying her hardest to become a Richards sister and this week was no different!
In her Bravo blog this week, Brandi took it upon herself to openly discuss her opinion on how Kyle “took advantage” of Kim when it came to her mother’s house.

So, cut to Kyle showing her newest real estate purchase in Palm Springs. Kyle has decided the best possible place to talk to her sister is in the enormous multi-million dollar house she just bought from selling her and Kim’s shares of their deceased mother’s house…This always confuses me. If Kim was not of the mind to enter into business at the time, it looks like Kyle took advantage of her. If she was, it looks like a fast one was pulled. Clearly Kim is still unhappy about whatever transpired, and Kyle is hiding something. Wasn’t this the family house that Kim worked and paid for as a child star? Anyway, ask Kim, not me, but don’t ask Kyle, unless you’re a gossip site or magazine. Kyle’s been giving tons of interviews about her sister lately, even though they haven’t talked in many months. But file that under keeping Kim’s private life private. Right, Kyle?

….So Kim and Kyle alone in Palm Springs.  Kyle really doesn’t get why Kim is upset with her? OK. Well, Kyle, it could be because you’re a lying, empathy-lacking, narcissist who only cares about the appearance of looking wealthy and having famous friends, while throwing your sister under a fleet of buses. It could be that. But, what do I know?

Exactly Brandi.  What DO you know.  None of us know exactly what happened, but as Kyle has said numerous times she bought out both of her sisters, sold the house (WITHOUT a profit) and has since purchased a new home.  Kyle doesn’t have to pretend to be rich.  She is.  It seems more like Brandi and Kim are jealous, because if what they say was the truth wouldn’t Kathy be screaming fraud too?

Personally I don’t think it’s Brandi’s business to discuss at all being as of 3 years ago she was accusing Kim of being on meth.  Thoughts?

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