Brandi Glanville Admits To Breaking Into Ex-Husband Eddie Cibrian’s House!


Brandi Glanville has admitted that she went a little crazy on her ex after his very public affair (slashed tires anyone?), but recently Brandi admitted she broke into her ex-husband and his wife Leann Rimes new home.  Is she back to her old ways?Thankfully no!  She had full permission to let herself in, but that didn’t stop her from being jealous of Eddie’s new life!

Actually I broke into his house yesterday, but he gave me permission because I had to get my son’s moonsuit. It’s the first time I ever went into his house, and I’m like, ‘This f—— is living the life. I was pissed, but that’s a whole other story.

Brandi explained that she gets upset over his lifestyle since he doesn’t work!

My [ex] husband doesn’t work. He’s an actor, but 90% of Hollywood’s out of work, so he’s not working. So I fit the bill for everything with my children.

Brandi revealed this past season of RHOBH that Eddie does pay child support just not as much as she would like.  It seems like both Brandi and Eddie (and Leann!) love those kids and as long as they are treated right that’s what counts!  Brandi needs to realize her kids are old enough to read this stuff or hear about it in school so she should be careful about what she puts out there.


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