Big Ang Says Renee Graziano Is NOT Family! Drita Davanzo Calls Out The Hypocrites!

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Big Ang and Drita Davanzo have had it with Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano’s hypocrisy! The two Mob Wives stars sat down with Diana Madison for an interview about the drama going on in season 5 and Ang made it VERY CLEAR that by the way Renee has been acting — they are NOT FAMILY!

Ang revealed that when Renee was confused for Ang she said “Don’t associate me with that clown” which has Ang pissed. Drita also discussed the ladies but instead pointed out what hypocrites they are. She says Renee did the same thing to Karen that they’re pissed about Natalie Guercio doing! See what else the ladies had to say below

Their interview starts at the 4:40 mark

Big Ang is the nicest woman ever. That just shows you Renee is the problem and not Natalie. I also agree with Drita pointing out the double standards with the ladies. What do you guys think?

One thought on “Big Ang Says Renee Graziano Is NOT Family! Drita Davanzo Calls Out The Hypocrites!”

  1. I think this season has been the worst of all. And Drita and Ang have been played like puppets by the worst of them all–Nat D. Karen and Renee can have their so-called truths and loyalties, but I’m glad that Drita is leaving. I really don’t plan on watching past this season, it it a stupid restaurant sitdown/hash out every single episode.

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