Bethenny Frankel Tried To Pitch Her Own Show To Bravo!


News broke yesterday that Bethenny Frankel was returning to the Real Housewives of New York, but is that what she REALLY had her eye on?According to Naughty But Nice Rob, not at all!  Sources are saying that Bethenny actually pitched ideas for her OWN show to Bravo but the network wouldn’t budge.

She was trying to pitch a different project to Bravo. She has a million ideas of new show staring and produced by her and now considers herself quite the TV expert. However, the only show Bravo was interested in with Bethenny was returning to Housewives.  This was their only and final offer, and she reluctantly accepted it.

I’m not surprised.  Bethenny has spent the past few years trying to be more than a “real housewife”.  Are you looking forward to seeing Bethenny back?

One thought on “Bethenny Frankel Tried To Pitch Her Own Show To Bravo!”

  1. This 2 me sounds like the gospel truth, bethenney is all abt bethenney as she needs 2 b the “star” as we knw B doesn’t work well with ppl needs 2 shine all on her own #delusional

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