Bethenny Frankel Has A Message For Everyone Criticizing Her Weight!


Bethenny Frankel has constantly been under fire for taking her “Skinny Girl” brand name a little too seriously, but now she has a message for those people!Bethenny vacationed in Miami over the holidays and after pictures of her in a bikini popped up the “she’s too skinny” comments hit an all time high.

Speaking to Meredith Viera on her talk show she said,

People were going, ‘Oh, she’s too thin.  Yes, ‘I need to eat a burger.  I was sick over the holidays. I don’t know. Do I look bad? Do I look like I need to eat a burger?

I feel like, who cares, they are always going to say something.  I do have a brand called Skinnygirl, so I am going to get beaten up for it. It would be bad if I were overweight and had a brand called Skinnygirl, could you imagine?

She has a point.  If she was heavy people would be all over her for being a hypocrite.   She is skinny, but it is possible she just has a slender frame and is naturally small.  What do you think?

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