Bethenny Frankel Admits She Left RHONY Because She Was Embarrassed!


Bethenny’s return to RHONY has caused a buzz with viewers turning in to see how Bethenny’s life has changed from who was originally seen so many years ago.

After having a baby, building an empire, a VERY public divorce, failed talk show and being “homeless”, Bethenny was ready for her comeback!

Talking to Buzzfeed, Bethenny admits she originally left the show because she was embarrassed to be on it, stating that the show has changed and doesn’t make her feel “dirty” anymore.

I had a picture of the second-season original Housewives. And I put it in someone’s basement — I never wanted it,” she said. “And when I came back, I said to Andy, ‘Find me that picture.’ It looks like a Warhol. Now I have it hanging in my office, and I’m proud of it. What I’m saying is I meant what I said on Andy’s show: I left because I was embarrassed. I thought it was something to be embarrassed about. It just felt not clean; it felt kind of gross, it felt a little dirty, a little dark. I just did not feel good about what I was doing. And now it’s clean.

Personally I feel like Bethenny doesn’t fit in with the ladies, it’s like its part RHONY and part the Bethenny show.  Thoughts?

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