Andy Cohen Says It Was His “Fantasy” To Bring Back Jill Zarin!


News broke this week that the Real Housewives of New York was bringing back an original housewife – Bethenny Frankel!  With Bethenny confirming her return rumors began flowing that Jill Zarin, another ex-New York housewife, could possibly be making a return as well!

In Andy’s video series, Ask Andy, Andy Cohen fills in fans about bringing Jill back; stating viewers were VERY close to seeing her back on their screens!

There’s a story in my book [the Andy Cohen Diaries] where I talk about—and no one knows this either—that there was a plan for Jill to come back last season, for one scene.  It was my fantasy. And it didn’t work out. It was at the very last minute that it didn’t work out.

And as far as Jill ever coming back full time?

I doubt it. I think we might have a bit of a cast mutiny if Jill came back, sadly.

Are you happy Andy brought back Bethenny?  Or would you have rathered he brought back Jill Zarin?

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