Andy Cohen Grills Kim Zolciak About Having More Plastic Surgery Done!


Poor Kim Zolciak! She can never go to the clubhouse without Andy Cohen accusing her of having more work done to her face.

Sunday night on WWHL was no different. Andy suggested that Kim was probably wearing glasses to distract everyone from recent work she’s had done and Kim denied it.

Kim has always been honest about her plastic surgery, but Andy didn’t seem like he was buying it.

Kim did say that she does have a new makeup artist so the contouring done could be the reason why her nose looks a little different (which is one of the things Andy was accusing her of having.)

Andy also questioned Kim about her plumper lips, but Kim insists she just overdraws her lips on.

I don’t know about you. But the first thing I noticed on Kim was her contouring. I do not think she’s had anything done and I could totally see the highlighting done to her nose to make it look smaller. Andy needs to brush up on his makeup skills cause LOTS of girls contour their features 🙂

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