Andy Cohen Disses The Waklie Family In New Book!

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The Waklie’s have shown to be nothing but fame whores from the second they agreed to appear on TV to “bring down” their own family, but now the last laugh is on them!

In his new book, Andy Cohen tells the story of a housewife who just wouldn’t accept the fact they were demoted and how their husband responded – check it out!


While he doesn’t mention their names it is pretty clear it was Kathy and Richie Waklie trying to talk their way back on the show. ¬†Gotta get that paycheck for that mansion! ¬†Thoughts on who the OC housewife could be?

Thanks @trmreinvented for the screen shot!

4 thoughts on “Andy Cohen Disses The Waklie Family In New Book!”

  1. What’s wrong with them wanting to be on the show? They are not “FAMEWHORING” any more than anyone else. And Teresa brought her own self down. She neded NO help from NO ONE ELSE! She did a GOOD OF THAT ALL BY HERSELF!

    1. I don’t agree with you on the Wakile’s not being fame whores. It’s a matter of opinion but I feel the Wakile’s were brought on the show as backup for Melissa Gorga. Once the ‘Melissa versus Teresa’ storyline ran its course Bravo Andy demoted the Wakile’s. Their hate and participating in the ganging up on one person, Teresa Giudice, was no longer needed. If you read the Wakile’s tweets during the season, they still bash Teresa. To me, they continue to do so in hopes that Andy will see how far they will go, (IMO, how low they will go), and promote Kathy as a full-time housewife again. Going on a reality show to trash your family is disgusting, therefore the Wakile’s are “whoring” out their own family for fame. Hence, the word “Fame Whores”. The Wakile’s aren’t interesting enough and they lack the charisma needed to carry a reality show on their own. So, they use cousin Teresa’s fame/ notoriety to stay in the reality fame light .

      Question, Lovely Given, why are you bringing up Teresa being the cause of her own downfall? The Giudice’s case has been reported on, extensively. They had 41 federal indictments against them. They both plead guilty to a total of 9 charges. So, no one is blaming the Wakile’s for Teresa receiving a 15 mos. prison sentence. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you read that at? Are you trying to point out that since she’s now a convicted felon that it’s okay for the Wakile’s to profit off her humiliating status?

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