Amber Marchese Is Calling BS On Dina Manzo!


It looks like Amber Marchese officially has a problem with every cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey — next up, Dina Manzo! Amber took to her blog to call BS on Dina and her “gossiping,” with fellow castmate Teresa Giudice, and she also points out how she should not be the one getting blamed for a rumor started by Victoria Gotti!

Now on to the rest of the episode. I think it is funny that Joe Gorga thinks he is babysitting, but I will cut him some slack as he works hard to provide for his family. I was cracking up when Joe tried to talk to his Antonia about staying away from boys and that she not permitted to date until she is 35-years-old. Jim wholeheartedly agrees with Joe on this issue, you’re all shocked I am sure. Jim tells Isabella the same thing all the time. Italian dads are all cut form the same cloth.

It was nice to see Jacqueline and Kathy talking about life, and I enjoy their sincerity. My heart goes out to Jacqueline and Chris as they have a beautiful family and I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for them to see their child struggle. Jim and I respect the decisions they are making by putting Nick’s needs before a house or anything else for that matter. They are truly strong and loving parents.

Watching this episode and seeing the previews of next episode, Melissa was such a pleasant surprise. This “fun loving,” sometimes silly girl is the Melissa that I knew and loved years ago! It was so great to see her “cut up” and have some fun. And let me tell, that girl has always had a great ass. I am totally jealous of that derriere.

Florida, well, this is going to get interesting as you can see from the previews. But before we go there, did anyone catch Dina’s reaction to my call. She did not exactly seem pleased we were coming down or excited that I was in good health. I get the rumor was on her mind, but that was not exactly fair to me. Teresa told her about the Rino/Santa affair and she knew I was an unwilling witness to the Gotti testimony. I feel like I should be in witness protection or something. It was satirical watching Dina talk about my motives in gossiping and then watch her and Teresa Giudice gossip. What was suspicious is the way she tried to tell TeRESSSA and Nicole about the affair. She starts out by saying Amber knows something. Why? I had nothing to do with this; she should have said Victoria Gotti told Amber and Teresa Giudice something. It was clear Dina was shifting the blame of the Gotti rumor from Gotti to me! I am calling out BS. This explains why the twins have blamed me for the rumor. It is sad, the twins have been angry at me, yet I agreed to keep it quiet and did not give it any credence. I am not a TeReSSa fan at all, but I cannot imagine how she must of felt. I am with her on this one, I don’t want it said and I don’t need to know. I would have demanded Dina to tell me in a more private setting and would have been offended if Dina decided to do that for the world to see.

Seeing this all played back to me, at first, I was so angry. However, as I watched it again, it has become quite comical. Between Teresa Giudice, Dina, and the twins, it seems like some sort of mass hysteria was taking them over. Clearly this caused them (especially Dina, who treated it like another funeral in her head) to have a lapse of judgment, when to me, this is still nothing more than a “your mama joke.” This should have been squashed and done with at this point and put in the books as one of the most ridiculous stories ever heard so we can all get on with our martinis. I think I am putting this one in the history books beating out the “dancing plague” of 1518 in Strasbourg, France as the most ridiculous of incident of mass hysteria to be recorded. The dancing plague, much like the Gotti rumor, made everyone dance until they died of stroke or heart attack believing in something that was not true.

On a lighter note, Jim is glad I was not in Florida with just the girls. It would have been hard to explain the girls whistling to guys on a boat, comparing nipple guards, or the “golden showers/pearl necklaces” conversation while watching porn on Dina’s phone. I am a girls’ girl and get it, I think it’s hysterical. Jim, not so much.

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