Amber Marchese Feels Nicole Napolitano And Teresa Aprea Need Each Other To Confront Others!


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese is calling out twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea! These three have been going at it for a while now and when asked about the twins being confrontational on Twitter, Amber had the following response!

Check it OUT!


I agree with Amber. We all saw how much differently Nicole acted when she met with Amber without her sister and it’s clear that she only gets “tough” when her other half is there to bark. What do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “Amber Marchese Feels Nicole Napolitano And Teresa Aprea Need Each Other To Confront Others!”

  1. I think the twins are point blank “bitches” and if they talked to me the way they talk to other people they would’ve gotten a slap in the mouth, so they can finally shut the F**K UP!!!That Teeeresa gives me a headache. Bravo get rid of these losers… and I hope Teresa beats the hell out of those two dwarfs when she gets out of jail.

  2. I really didn’t like this season at all!- The cast less Teresa were all annoying as H*LL! As far as the “twins” are concerned, I think Cinderella’s house is missing 2 dwarfs- bitchy and bitchier!!! What is up these 2 butts? They act like they are some kind of seasoned veterans who can act like divas because they have a following- Well guess what? YOU DON”T! I knew Tereeesa was trying to upstage Teresa G and it came out in the reunion when she made ludicrous claims Teresa G is jealous because they are getting all the attention. Guess what Tereeesa, the only reason why anyone is listening to your annoying, pompous big mouth is because we want to hear you eat your words about your mother- I think she fucked your man!!! There I said it.
    If I were you I’d take a long hard look at your surroundings on the Bravo set because my prediction is you and your “stupid” sister won’t be on the show much longer. So ride Teresa G’s coat tails for as long as you can honey because you’ll be what’s the word you used to describe Victoria Gotti- ” A washed out has been” right quick- like 0 to 100, girlfriend. Bravo if you read these posts lose the dwarfs and put some “classy” and “real” women on this show.

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