Abby Lee Miller Gets Called Out For ACCUSING Energy Dance Competition Of Being Unfair!

abby lee miller

Abby Lee Miller is getting herself in more hot water this week by accusing an entire dance competition (Energy Dance) of pretty much playing favorites.

Isn’t that what Abby is famous for? Well, when Abby tried to call out one of the judges (Gina) of the famous dance competition, Gina and ton of other people you will remember, also set Abby and her lies straight! Check out all the drama that went down on Instagram!


Jeanette, whom you may know as the mom Abby tried to make the world believe was crazy — she also had some choice words for not-so-honest, Abby.


Next up, Francisco Thurston. If you recall, he was the one who outed Abby for going to the judges and being upset about Chloe Lukasiak’s win.


Lastly, Cathy. LOL You know Cathy always has something to say to Abby.


Abby is such a baby. I wish they would keep the girls and get rid of Abby. Thoughts on Abby’s ridiculous behavior?

14 thoughts on “Abby Lee Miller Gets Called Out For ACCUSING Energy Dance Competition Of Being Unfair!”

  1. She is a DISGUSTING human being! Her true colors are showing and I LOVE it. Thank you for posting this article. What a liar she is.

    1. You are very welcome. We will be posting many more Dance Moms articles. Stay tuned and thank you for reading 🙂

    1. I agree its a TV show people its entertainment & Abby is entertaining she’s the one that keeps you watching whether you admit it or not.. If Abby is put off the show it will eventually lose ratings …

  2. Abby is a witch. She is a child abuser, but only with some children. They should let Gina be with the kids. She is the real choreographer anyway. The show does not need Abby Lee Miller. It is called “Dance Moms”. Most of us watch only to see the girls dance, not to see a big woman talk down to most of the girls.

  3. What business is she all about when making fun of a little girl’s looks? Slamming a child for her lazy eye? Calling her a rat and a moron? Is she in the child bullying business?

  4. Its TV its entertainment and truth be told at least 7 out of 10 wouldn’t be watching this show if it weren’t for Abby entertaining you got a villiain to put down & that’s what most like doing & what these blogs thrive on… I think all the girls on dance moms are beautiful & awesome dancers they entertain us after all that’s what TV is for & the moms are part of the entertainment though Im sure their jealousy is prob real.. Just my opinion we are all entitled to that…

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